Discovering a crashed Seaplane. Philippines.

Camping at Lake Motosuko with view of Mt. Fuji. Yamanashi, Japan.

Mountaineering On Mt. Asashidake. Hokkaido, Japan.

Taking it all in. Taketomi Beach, Okinawa

Beach camping with a view of Mt. Fuji. Miura Peninsula, Japan

Dawn fishing at Lake Motosuko. Yamanashi, Japan

Dawn Kayaker on Lake Saiko, Japan

Planning a trip. Yamanashi, Japan

Mountaineering on Mt. Asahidake. Hokkaido, Japan

Fumarole on Mount Asahidake in Hokkaido

Feeding Seagulls on a ferry journey in Kyushu

Lunch on the beach in winter

Kayaking with Overboard Kayak bag on Lake Chuzenjiko, Nikko, Japan.

Drone shot Kayaking on Lake Chuzenjiko, Nikko, Japan

The Kirishima Mountains in Japan for BMW

Helicopter flight over Mt Unzen in Kyushu, Japan

Fisherman at dawn on lake Motosuko, Yamanshi, Japan